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About the In the Line of Duty Foundation

"The good society is marked by a high degree of order, justice, and freedom.  Among these, order has primacy; for justice cannot be enforced until a tolerable civil society order is attained, nor can freedom be anything better than violence until order gives us laws."  

Russell Kirk:  The Roots of American Order   (2014)

Modern day law enforcement officers embrace the centuries-old traditions of their battle hardened Roman Centurion counterparts by virtue of their bravery, loyalty, character, and high standards of conduct.  These officers are a protected breed of men and women dedicated to a prevailing peace.  They do not seek the glory of a gunfight at high noon, nor the adoration of heroes past.   They are warriors who have chosen to ride into the apocalypse to preserve peace and order. 

Amongst everyone else, they choose not to stand above others, but only to be part of the common good.  As they move from one act of violence to another, they seek to restore civility to an often thankless society.  It is this band of brothers and sisters that seek to serve for the common good and willingly stand watch.  When that watch ends, it becomes society’s turn to honor these true heroes.

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Your contributions demonstrate to the families of these fallen officers that they are not forgotten and their losses are felt by all who support and believe in this civil order.   You may contribute directly to the In the Line of Duty Foundation today by clicking the donate button below or by purchasing wines through the Constable Cellars Mareketplace.   Your generous donations are tax deductible.

If your  donation is in memory of a law enforcement officer, we encourage you to submit a personal tribute or information about this officer, whether a family member or friend, by using this link .  If you would also like to add a photograph of the officer, preferably in uniform, we will post the photo on our Donor Recognition page along with your written tribute.  Please see our Donor Recognition page to view previously submitted tributes.  Testimonials and photographs will be posted as soon possible.




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